Tönnen 2-pack RED BURGUNDY Acoustic Panel 36x13x 2inch

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  • High efficiency absorption – Go ahead and compare it with foam, Polyester or fiberglass panels with less than 2 inches and you will notice a big difference in results. Seriously, other low cost options are well known for not absorbing sound very well. Tonnen panels have excellent NRC rating for sound dampening. Be aware of fake NRC ratings out there.
  • Exceptional quality – our tolerance for defects is zero. Our frame is the best in the category, the fabric is perfectly folded, easy to install brackets and all the details so you can experience joy and ease. For home, professional studios, home theaters, shops, cinemas, offices & more.
  • They’ve got the looks – Modern design, elegant fabric & beveled edge. Get creative and form good-looking decorative patterns with multiple colors.
  • Prime delivery & easy installation – Competitors may not be prime, we are. Z Brackets included, but you can also use glue or double sided tape. Flame retardant material.
  • Money back guarantee: 100% satisfaction or your money back. How many pairs do you need? Bundle of 2 specially designed and sized to create symmetries in the room. Superior sound experience.
Premium Sound Absorption - Acoustic Panels
Why Tonnen
Excellent Craftsmanship
Sturdiest Acoustic Panel in the Category - Built to Last - Made with Aluminum frame
Tonnen Give a child the gift of hope. Help kids in Africa

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