Tönnen Mass Loaded Vinyl 1/8in, 1.2 lb/in2-50 sqft (Easy to Carry roll) – Professional MLV Soundproofing Barrier.

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  • [The Pros choose Tönnen] – delivers 20% greater density compared to the 1lb/sf variant. Our exclusive blend attains an STC rating of 28 (Sound Transmission Class), correlating higher absorption capacity with an elevated STC value. This translates to a very significant gain in sound absorption, yielding disproportionately greater STC returns per square foot. More soundproofing.
  • [Easy to carry rolls] – 50sqft rolls weigh 60 lb only. While other rolls often surpass the 100lb threshold, necessitating mechanical lifts, our uniquely designed rolls weigh 60lb, ensuring a more comfortable experience that won’t strain your back or demand a lifting device.
  • [Premium Soundproofing Material] – Our specially formulated vinyl chemical blend is crafted to achieve optimal soundproofing (STC) across every square foot of wall space. Don’t risk closing up your drywall only to discover it’s not delivering the desired results. Choose our top-of-the-line MLV product for a confident and seamless installation, ensuring excellent soundproofing outcomes.
  • [Frame Compatibility and Wide Application] – Precisely tailored to match standard US framing witdh dimensions, this mass loaded vinyl design establishes a robust sound barrier while maintaining a sleek 1/8-inch thickness. Suitable also for ceilings, floors, doors, HVAC, ducts and pipes, recording studios, home theaters, pool pumps and pet houses.
  • [We stand by our product’s quality] – Let us surprise you with a remarkable sound reduction.

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